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Why COER University

An Enviable Standard

COER University aims to be a premier university in the state of Uttarakhand and a peerless champion in the world of flawless of technology, management and education – a center of excellence comparable to the international caliber.

COER University aims to expose the students to the world of emerging technologies, empowering them with the confidence to face new challenges and enabling them to shine in their chosen fields.

Ample opportunities

COER University promises you a fruitful, flourishing career if you have the right attitude to ensure success.

The university provides a platform for global exposure and multiple research opportunities.

You will be able to pursue jobs in business, production units, the service sector, private and public enterprises.

COER University has emerged as an undisputed leader in providing students with highly lucrative job opportunities and premium pay packages.

University provides unsurpassed opportunities for students to advance in research in every area possible.

A team of Esteemed Distinguished Mentors share their expertise with students through lectures and mentorship in projects and startups.

Besides your course curriculum, a number of add-ons such as: Value Added Programs from any discipline, NPTEL Certification Courses from IIT Mentors, MOOC Courses are also available

Our curriculum framework comprises of best features from the National Education Policy- 2020 and blends academics, art and sports for a wholesome learning experience.

University has an Incubation and Innovation cell, which promotes “Earn While You Learn”.

Impressive Infrastructure

COER University offers you world-class infrastructure and research-driven academic environments.


Modern, spacious and well-designed classrooms


Advanced, immersive and specialized laboratories


An expansive library that houses about 40000 titles


Centre of Excellence that embodies innovation itself


Multiple seminar halls and a 1500-seater auditorium


Several sports courts and a sprawling playground

A Roadmap for Excellence

We provide value-added programs that deliver possibilities to students for self-expression and self-fulfillment, along with:

  • MoUs with national and international universities of repute
  • UGC- recognized courses
  • A job-ready, tailor-made syllabus to prepare students for the industries’ challenges
  • Unmatched freedom and flexibility in course selection
  • Tie-ups with various industries to step into the corporate world
  • Project-based learning allows exposure for a practical outlook

Approval from the Best

NEP 2020

COER University offers educational programs in consonance with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020).
COER University has been developing synergetic partnerships with academia and peers from across the globe.
COER University has been seeking mentorship from industry leaders and the best international universities.

Success as a Rhetoric

COER University extensively conducts intensive training programs and seminars on various domains, such as aptitude, reasoning and computer programming skills.

We also provide educational visits for students to allow them an opportunity to collaborate with teachers and integrate new perspectives in informal environments to enhance learning.