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Every building has an end, and every end is the starting of a new building. With this mindset, I have ended my school life and joined UETR, a university of opportunities. I have learned a lot at UETR in terms of practical as well as theoretical ways in the last one year. I completed different courses from reputed universities abroad, such as  Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the Opportunity from the University of Pennsylvania, Introduction to Data Analytics for Business from the University of Colorado Boulder, Professional Skills for International Business from the University of London, Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel from Rice University .What is Data Science? From IBM, I have also done courses from Google, such as Project Planning: Putting It All Together, Foundations of Project Management and Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere I have also done internships in reputed. Companies and also received a pre placement offer of 5 lakh I have also published research papers in journals . UETR has provided me the atmosphere to achieve all these.


At UETR the focus is on encouraging curiosity and prioritizing learner autonomy. The aim is to help students exercise focus and practice goal setting using the SMART model – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Students receive help with reading strategies, learn about different note-taking methods, practice time management, and develop critical thinking skills’ have received a lot of support from my faculty , I am able to crack paid internship with the knowledge and support I have received here. I am undergoing training at IIT Roorkee. I am highly thankful to my School of Business Studies.


I chose UETR primarily because of the brand name, and I also got positive feedback from seniors on faculty, infrastructure, curriculum, laboratories, Campus life, etc.  I visited the university with my parents to check it out myself, and was impressed by the positive experience.

If I have to summarize my experience it would be value for money, value for time, and value for society. After Covid I was feeling depressed and couldn’t concentrate on my studies. My faculty mentor suggested that I join clubs and committees to develop my personality. That one decision helped me deal with depression better and has improved my personality tremendously.

I know the pedagogies at UETR are different, especially after I compare them to other universities where my friends study. Our curriculum is industry oriented with practical outlook and hands-on experience. They identify and reduce the gap with emerging technologies to make us industry-ready.

There are many activities, finance club, HR club, literary committee, culture club, linguistic committee, entrepreneurship development and start-up committee that you can get involved in beyond classroom studies.

One achievement is the grant I have for internship, which will bring me practical exposure. We have also worked on social projects, which have made me aware of the problems people deal with. It has made me a more responsible citizen.


Uniqueness of our business school lies in courses we are doing and the twist, where we can coordinate and connect their knowledge with other existing technology. In our BCom program we got training in CFA Computerized Financial Accounting, which makes us industry ready. I was introvert and exposure given here at UETR has helped me to open up, I have been participating in live program at cultural club and I feel I m evolving here at UETR.


My startup name is Annapurna, and the idea stemmed from the fact that when we are away from home for studies or professional reasons, we miss homemade food. Using technical know-how we came up with this app that fulfills craving for delicious homemade food while allowing chefs the opportunity to make money.  We are focusing on low cost model with hygienic food.

The inspiration came from learning about microfinance and innovative social entrepreneurship in our Economics class. We were discussing Sukanya post office schemes and its benefits to girl-child. That’s when we described our plan for Annapurna to our faculty, who was thrilled. Next minute we were working with our friends from the computer science department to get the plan implemented.

Of course I am thinking of full time entrepreneurship after graduation. We have learned that we should be job providers instead of job seekers. And in our country where it can mean uplifting the society, then why not!

Oh for starters, we were offered the seed capital for our project by the management. But throughout the course of our program, seminars, and competitions on business plans, collaborations with external organizations, have encouraged us to work on innovative ideas.

It is not hard because our curriculum provides us a path to follow our dream where we can work in the field and learn at the same time. In fact, project work is part of the curriculum with marks and credits, which makes it truly integrated in our program.