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At COER University, innovation takes center stage with the establishment of a cutting-edge DIY (Do It Yourself) lab. This creative hub provides students with a dynamic and hands-on environment to explore, experiment, and bring their ideas to life. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and resources, The DIY lab empowers students to unleash their creativity and inventiveness. From designing prototypes to crafting innovative solutions, this space fosters a culture of innovation, problem-solving, and practical skills development. It encourages students to tinker, build, and collaborate on projects that span various fields, from electronics to mechanics. The DIY lab is a testament to COER University’s commitment to nurturing inventors and problem solvers.


  • COERians grabbed five First Positions in the fields of Robo War, Robo Soccer & other Robotics Events in ‘ Youthopia ‘ the annual tech fest, of D.I.T, Dehradun.
  • Team COER grabbed 5th International Position in LFR+ Wall Following Event in International Technical Fest at IIT Kanpur .
  • Team COER won the First Position in Cyborg- Breaking Robotics Event in ‘ Cognizance – The National Fest at  IIT Roorkee ‘.
  • COER’s first Humanoid Robots were made under DIY and Univeristy’s Innovation Centre.
  • Android Robot for Voice Recognition and Image Processing was designed by the students at DIY centre.
  • COERians grabbed the first position in ‘ Robotics – 2018 ‘, the annual technical fest at IIT Roorkee, consecutively for the third time.

Enrolment Procedure:

  1. Selection of domain by the student/ team with the help of department coordinator
  2. Presentation of project proposal to DIY Committee Members
  3. After selection, mentors are allotted
  4. Detailed project requirement submission to DIY Admin
  5. After approval, all components and tools are provided

Suggested Domains:

  1. Mechanical
    1. Automobile
    2. Aviation
    3. Automation
    4. Refiregation
    5. IoT Based Engines
    6. Light weight Engines/Cars/Automobile
    7. Drone, chopper, Aeroplane
  2. Electronic
    1. Robotics
      1. Military bots
      2. Medical bots
      3. Industrial bots
    2. Embedded
    3. Advanced robotics
  3. Electrical
    1. Renewable Energy
      1. Solar
      2. Wind
      3. Hydro
    2. Micro gird
    3. Smart grid
    4. IoT based Machine operation
    5. Smart homes
    6. E-kart
  4. Computer science/Information technology/MCA/MBA
    1. Website designing
    2. Website development
    3. App Development
    4. App designing
  5. Civil
    1. Disaster management system
    2. New modelling
    3. Architecture
    4. Smart building solution
    5. Earthquake resistant building
    6. Building health monitoring
  6. Agriculture
    1. Agriculture drone
    2. Farming system
    3. Smart irrigation
    4. Smart farming
    5. Roof farming
    6. Greenhouse effect study